Political Theater in Rosemead

In addition to today's election, there's also a city council meeting in Rosemead. Enjoy the show as Maggie Clark "saves" the senior lunches.

What this really shows is that either Maggie and her two stooges didn't read the staff report when they adopted the budget (and didn't realize that they were moving all of the senior programs out of the Rosemead Community Center and down to the Garvey Center), or they knew full well what they were doing and wanted to create this little drama so Maggie could pose as hero to seniors.

Personally, I'm leaning towards the the latter. So tune in tonight, as Super Maggie swoops in to save the day.

I told you so

Those seniors weren't exactly the model of decorum, were they? But, as expected, they got their way, and Maggie got to pose as hero. It's ridiculous that she creates a crisis then gets to save the day, and people applaud. However, seeing as she got where she is today by scaring seniors, why stop now?