Not a bad gig, if you can get it

The new Rosemead City Manager will be starting with a salary of $175,000/year, which is several thousand dollars more than the previous permanent city manager started out at.

He'll also get nearly $10,000 a year as a car allowance, plus 19 paid holidays in his first year and 23 days in his second year, plus two "floating holidays," plus 10 "administrative leave" days a year, plus 12 "sick leave" days a year, plus full health benefits and participation in the very generous PERS retirement plan.

The PERS retirement

The PERS retirement contribution is worth an additional $14,000 a year. I add this because Steven Ly's press secretary, Rebecca, is basically priting what ever he says as gospel. We need to make sure they're comparing apples to apples.

Incidentally, there's also an amusing clause (same as in Oliver Chi's contract) that says the city manager may not be removed within 90 days of an election. "The purpose of this provision is to allow any newly elected member of the City Council or a reorganized City Council to observe the actions and ability of the City Manager in the performance of the powers and duties of his or her office."

Apparently, this need to observe a city manager in action were not required of Steven Ly or Sandra Armenta. Funny how they think rules only apply to other people.

Holy shit. That's a fat

Holy shit. That's a fat package of perks. And nearly half the year is "paid holidays"? Why do these elite people get a 4 day work week, while us working stiffs get suckered into 5 and sometimes 6 days work weeks?

It makes me want to support terrorists.