Montebello City Council Results '07

Well, its appears Montebello won't have to go through a costly recall election.  The two incumbents up for recall, Lopez-Reid and Bagwell, have been unseated with 100% of the precincts reporting according to the L.A. County Recorder.  I hate to "gloat" and say "I told you so", so I won't, that would be too easy and nonproductive.  I only hope their city can get onto the real business of running their city according to the peoples' will. I am confident this group will be more harmonious, work as a team and be more goal oriented.  Congratulations to Robert Uretega (new to the council) and Kathy Salazar (a former council member). 


Candidate   Votes Percent
ROBERT URTEAGA   2,556 28.3
KATHY SALAZAR   2,525 27.96
NORMA A LOPEZ-REID   1,254 13.89
R "BOB" BAGWELL   1,180 13.07
G "JOE" VENEZIANO   764 8.46
LEO E RODRIGUEZ   385 4.26

Still a recall

There's a third council member, Jeff Siccama, who faces a recall next month.  Given Tuesday's results, he should quit and save the city some money.  But I wouldn't count on that happening.  Fred Girardot's had a couple of articles and blog entries about this in recent days.

Still a recall

You're right RosemeadOne.  Three down and one to go by recall.  Well, at least they won't have two costly recalls, just the one lol!