LA Times Comes to Rosemead

Came across this article on-line just now. Not sure if it's seen print, yet. It's an LA Times article on the on-going controversy regarding Chinese American Live Poultry. Pretty even- handed, I think. Plus, it has the added feature of mentioning me. :D

I wrote about this controversy previously here, and the laughable claim about swine flu here.

The LA Times article only makes reference to Clark's talk about "avian flu," but she and her supporters have also made claims that this slaughterhouse was a swine flu threat. Either way, it's the same: no cases of avian flu transmission from chickens to people (or vice versa) in the US, either. Can you say, "red herring"?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

This whole poultry controversy stinks--and I'm not referring to the business itself. It seems like Rosemead is in the business of shutting down businesses. First Sriracha, and now here? Don't they know there's a recession on? What kind of a city government forces out 100 local jobs at a time like this?

When did the Times start

When did the Times start covering this area again?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Funny how Maggie claims they're not racists. But in a town with an Asian majority, there's just one token Asian on the Planning Commission, just one token Asian on the Traffic Commission, they fired their Asian American city manager and demoted their Asian American assistant city manager.

Actions speak louder than words.

OK I deleted my long comment,

OK I deleted my long comment, which I'm sure was unread.

The funny thing about the TIMES article is that it says that this is one of the last live poultry shops in the County.

When you read stuff like that, it gets you noticing, and what I noticed is that there are a few poultry shops along Washington Bl. and the side-streets. There's at least one in Chinatown. There's at least one in East LA. These are just poultry, too.

I'm not including Farmer John in Vernon.

Funny how even a real

Funny how even a real newspaper like the L.A. Times will often assume that what lying city official says is actually true.

One of the problems with the

One of the problems with the Times, and a lot of journalism/journalists is that it got very professionalized.

I read that J-school grads would settle into a reporter job and earn around $70,000 a year, and that was some years ago. Not saying starting - but once you're settled in.

That's fair for a job that requires a master's degree and all, but, it seems to really exclude the "hard boiled" journalists of the 1950s.

Those writers may have had a clue.