If Only Fox News Would Go Dark at the End of the Year!

Doesn't directly affect Rosemead (we're in Charter Country, not Time-Warner), but the pricing spat will eventually affect the entire country, possibly even including "free" over the air broadcasting:

If you watch Fox, you've seen those recent commercials on Fox suggesting that their local broadcast channel might go dark on the December 31st. Here's an LA Times article that sheds some light on the controversy.

It may just be me, but when I watched the Fox commericials, I got the impression that Time-Warner was trying to charge Fox to have their shows carried. Turns out it's the opposite: Fox is trying to charge Time-Warner to carry their "free" over-the-air broadcasts of their local Fox affiliates. One dollar per subscriber! If the other major networks follow suit, that's a $4/month increase in your cable bill (more if they have multiple local outlets, like Fox does in LA). That's something cable subscribers out to consider before they sign on to Fox's militia.

Fox and Time Warner End Their War

Terms not disclosed, but obviously somewhere between $1 and $.30 more per subscriber going to Fox. Expect your cable bill to go up even more, as other over-the-air broadcasters renegotiate to get Fox-like revenue.

What a ripoff

Maybe it'll be the beginning of the end for paying for television.

Oddly, while stories about

Oddly, while stories about this Fox v. Time Warner dust up are saying this may signal the end of free broadcast tv, the Los Angeles Times ran a story just a few weeks ago about the resurgence of rabbit ears in the age of digital broadcasts.