Fire News Dominates the Airwaves

Not much in the way of news to convey. The fire stuff has pretty much been dominating the airwaves and the print and web outlets.

Looks like the Station Fire is slowing down. But, with containment still not expected until the middle of the month, a shift or increase in winds could still threaten Pasadena and Sierra Madre, as well as Altadena and Monrovia. But, for now, the fire is staying pretty high up in the hills.

For us here in Rosemead, the only effect has been some really smokey mornings. This makes getting our daily exercise a little tough, but that's nothing compared to what our neighbors to the north are having to deal with.

The one little bit of local news I've heard the past few weeks has been that the Rosemead School District has made some severe cuts in their already-limited after school care program. Even worse is that they waited until the school year was upon us to release their plans for program cuts and fee increases. They should be doing better at keeping the parents informed and in pursuing alternatives to keep the programs staffed.