- Find the Crimes

I just found out about

CrimeReports is a website that maps crime incidents on a map. They get the data from the Sheriff's database.

It's really fascinating to see where crimes happen and get reported.

The good news is that most of Rosemead (and South San Gabriel) are pretty safe. Statistically, we're doing better than LA. Which is easy, of course.

This crime maps shows where the crimes happen, and it's mostly along the big, main streets like San Gabriel, Garvey, Valley, Rosemead (in the North), and Del Mar.

It also appears that areas that are accessible by car, from multiple entry and exit points -- that is, like a regular grid of streets -- seem to have more crime than areas that have long streets.

The length of the street seems to matter more than if it's a cul-de-sac. It's hard to tell if short cul-de-sacs are safer, but, it's very easy to see that a long street tends to have less incidents in the middle of the street.

Incidents cluster more near the corners.

Anyway, it's an interesting site, and you can learn a lot.