Clean up our city?!

Hmmm.  Missing for eight years, and you're right next to a freeway?  Maybe Caltrans should clear their brush more often!

Cal Trans Clean up

Our Assembly person Mike Eng has been appointed Chair of the Committee which overseas Caltrans.
I am, and others could, ask Mike to have Caltrans make clean up a Statewide priority.

The spread of invasive spices along our highways is clearly visible.

Look at the Alanthus on the North side of the 10 between Temple City and Rosemead or on the West Side of Walnut grove just North of the 10.

The Cost of removal once this and other invasives such as Scotch Broom and various exotic "grasses" is much higher once established and spreading off the highway.

This off highway removal will be a burden to the City and Citizens,

Alanthus is mentioned on the City website.