Changes to Montebello Route 20

As long as I'm posting about transportation (see the next post down), I should also note that Montebello Route 20 is being shortened.  Beginning on January 19, the hourly "shuttle" service that runs between Garvey/San Gabriel and the Sierra Madre Villa Gold Line station is going to terminate at San Gabriel and Las Tunas.  Folks wishing to continue on from Las Tunas to Sierra Madre Villa will have to transfer to MTA 487.

Although the person I talked to at MBL said the new schedules had been posted, I did not see them on line, yet.

It's better than losing all bus service on San Gabriel between Garvey and Las Tunas, but it's not ideal.  First, if you don't have an EZ pass, you'll have to pay for a transfer or pay a separate fare if you want to cross Las Tunas.  Second, midday, the 487 runs on a 45 minute schedule, while the 20 runs hourly.  That means a variable wait for the connection of up to an hour (or as little as zero).  The wait during morning and evening rush hour will be less.

Montebello Route 20 Schedule

It's located here:

[Sorry, not able to insert it as a link--cut and paste the address]

Main point is, it is better than I thought. Now, every other bus will continue from Garvey on up to Las Tunas. This means double the frequency for service between Garvey and Las Tunas, although we still lose direct service to Sierra Madre Villa. Still, since it's two trips an hour instead of one, the chances of having a short-wait connection is much better.

From Las Tunas and San Gabriel, you can connect to MTA 487 to either continue on to Sierra Madre Villa (northbound) or to go into north San Gabriel (west on Las Tunas, south on Mission, south on Ramona-New, then east to Del Mar). You can also catch MTA 78, either east or west on Las Tunas.