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Lillian Sacco

Rosemead resident left legacy of education, tenacity

By Claudia S. Palma, Staff Writer SGV Tribune
Posted: 03/27/2010 07:12:18 AM PDT

Longtime Rosemead resident Lillian Sacco was a strong community activist and believed in education. The community activist died March 13, 2010 at the age of 86.
(Photo courtesy Merilynn Sacco)

Remembering Vern Holtz

Vern Holtz
Husband of SOC leader Estelle Holtz died Sunday Morning
Vernon's support of Estell and the opening of his home and heart is remembered and appreciated.

Notice of services will be posted when available. Vern and Estelle are long time members of St Anthony's

Wal-Mart Loses Another One


$62 million in punitive damages for making its employees work off the clock.

Yard Signs!

Both Polly Low and Victor Ruiz have yard signs available to support their respective campaigns.

e-mail news@saveourcommunity.us if you want one.

Supporting Polly and Victor

Polly Low's campaign headquarters is located at 8730 Valley Blvd, just a half block west of city hall and a short block east of Walnut Grove.  Precinct walking continues on weekends, from around 10am - dark. 

Victor Ruiz is running his campaign out of 9703 Olney St.

Any time you can spare to help bring change to Rosemead would be appreciated.

If you'd like me to forward a message to either of these candidates, send me an e-mail at news@saveourcommunity.us

How to Volunteer

We need volunteers for the recall campaign. Please email us at news@saveourcommunity.us or call Larry at (626) 572-9428 for further information.