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Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

Bahooka anniversary

I guess this qualifies as history, right?

Still more from last night's city council meeting

Must have been a doozy, because in addition to the events detailed in posts below, the SGV Tribune has two articles posted to their website.  One is on the capping of city attorney fees. The other is on the selection of a new engineering management firm.

New City Manager

Last night the city council went into closed session, and voted 3-2 to remove the "interim" part of Oliver Chi's title:  He's now our city manager.  He's probably also the youngest city manager in California.

This is a big plus for our city.  Chi is hardworking, enthusiastic, and knowedgeable.  It's like that had we gone outside of the city, we'd have ended up having to pay more for someone who wouldn't have been as qualified.  We're lucky to have him.

Parade Info

Just a reminder that our Rosemead Fourth of July Parade is a "Go."  It's going to start at 10am on the Fourth of July at Walnut Grove and Valley.  It'll then head east, cross Rosemead, then turn left on Loma, cross Mission, and end at Rosemead Park.

The theme for this year's parade is "Salute to Our Military."

The city is looking for area veterans and active duty personnel to join in the parade.  If you're interested or know someone who might be interested, call Pedro Castillo of Rosemead Parks & Rec, at 626-569-2266.

Other Weirdness, from NoVa

Living the tony NoVa neighborhood of Rosemead (heh--that's North of Valley--I'm trying to coin a phrase, but I doubt it will ever catch on), I walk along San Gabriel's segment of Valley Blvd (between Del Mar and the Rubio Wash) 5 or 10 times each week.  Over the years, I have noticed that the walls of the buildings along Valley are not parallel to the street curb.

All (or nearly all) of the buildings are offset about five or ten degrees.

Free Fireworks!

I was also told that, before the city manager evaluation, the council voted to end the $3 entrance fee to Rosemead Park on the Fourth of July.  Yay!

Yes, I know that three dollars is not a lot of money.  But it's more than zero.  So a lot of people the past few years have contented themselves with watching the fireworks from the sidewalks, lawns, parking lots, or what ever, just outside the fence.

Special Rosemead City Council Meeting, Wednesday, 5pm

Wednesday, June 6 is the 63th Anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Nazi-occupied France.  It's also the day of a special Rosemead City Council meeting, set for 5pm.

The banner headline in this morning's (May 31) San Gabriel Valley Tribune says it's to "discuss the job performance of City Manager Andrew Lazzaretto."

Could be an interesting meeting.

The story can be read here:

New Single Family Residential Design Guidelines!

[The exclamation point is just tossed in there to re-emphasize the point I make in the post, below:  Most of city government is pretty dull, or "should" be.]

In this case, I would like to stress what's so good about these new guidelines, because, from the comments I heard last night, I think some of us may note quite see how this is supposed to help improve the appearance of our neighborhoods.