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Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

Mike Eng in Rosemead

Assemblymember Eng has two events scheduled in Rosemead in the coming week:

Wednesday, November 7, 7-8:30pm, City of Rosemead Council Chambers (8838 E. Valley Blvd).  This is for a policy briefing on the Extraordinary Session on Water.  Update on water-related policy actions taken by the state legislature, and on issues facing the legislature.  For more info or to RSVP, e-mail:

Jennifer McLain Blogs About Rosemead. . .

. . . And it's not good.

(Well, the writing is fine; it's Rosemead that doesn't reflect very well).

(And I didn't know she wanted to play basketball!)

City Council Fireworks

Well, Gary Taylor has been goading the other members of the city council for the past two months or so to please tell the county DA that Taylor has released information discussed in closed session.  Tonight, they finally said they would.

I'm not sure, but I think Taylor might have said, "Hallelujah."  I was thinking the same thing.

There's a process, and whether or not our city council members can agree on policy, they need to respect the law and the process more than the outcome.  No one's above the law, and not liking the law is no excuse for ignoring it.  By repeatedly and deliberately releasing information that was discussed in closed session, Taylor is thumbing his nose at the law and saying that following the rule of law is not as important as scoring political points against his political enemies.

Rosemead City Clerk Leaving

This story appeared in the Tribune and Star-News on Sunday.

Rosemead’s City Clerk, Nina Castruita, is resigning her full-time job in Rosemead to take a part-time job in San Gabriel. She says she needs to scale back her workload. Do you think maybe she’s leaving because she doesn’t want to have to spend every other Tuesday in city council chambers until 11pm or even one in the morning while certain council members and wannabe council members play to their Rosemead Partners base?

A hatchet job on a hatchet job rebuttal

Well, it took them about a month to get around to it, but the Trib finally published a rebuttal to the Sharon Esquivel-signed hatchet job on our 4th of July parade and John Tran.  And as if to underscore their reluctance to publish an opposing viewpoint, they chopped it up, removing several points, as well as the direct reference to the letter in question, the latter of which no doubt left numerous readers a little confused as to what exactly we were responding to.

Yes, "we."  There were two other people who helped write that letter; their names were among the things removed by the editors.

Here is the original Sharon Esquivel-signed letter, as published around August 30th:

Rosemead Partners

    For discussion purposes, I wanted to highlight the article in today's newspapers regarding Rosemead Partners.  This blog's own Todd Kunioka is quoted.  You can see the articles (at least for a few days) at:
("Wal-Mart supporters turn to elections, city ordinances")
and at ("Wal-Mart supports to stay active; Group getting early start on '09 elections).

Sheriff Deputies Respond in Force to Renegade Cigarette Lighter

Lots of "art" to go along with Frank Girardot’s blog entries on the exploding lighter incident in Zappopan Park. [These stories are at the top, now, but they’ll probably be moving down as new material is posted there].  [Edit–The exploding pen blog entry is "permalinked" here, and continue (with art) to the next two or three entries]

October 20, 2007: Lights Out, L.A.

Havnen't had much time to post recently.  I still want to go step-by-step through that "blue" Wal-Mart-financed mailer, but haven't had the time.

But I did get this in my inbox, and it does join two of my interests:  astronomy and environmentalism:

They want everyone to spend a night with all non-essential lighting out.  In theory if this actually happened, it would be pretty miraculous:  Lots of saved energy, a large reduction in carbon dioxide emissions that would reduce global warming, and darker skies for us amateur astronomers to enjoy and everyone else to stare up at in wonder.