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Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

International Space Station Fly-Over / Iridium Flare

I usually don't bother posting these because they're pretty quick.  But if you're outside around 5:20pm tomorrow (Tuesday, December 4) and looking to the southwest, you might see a bright "star" moving across the sky and on to the northwest.  That would be the International Space Station.

The way to tell you're looking at the space station and not an airplane is that the space station will be a steady, white light.  No red flashers.  No changes in direction.  No sound of jet or propeller engines.  Just a white point of light, silently gliding to the northwest.

Garvey School District Board of Trustees -- Swearing-In

FYI:  On Thursday, December 13, at 6:30pm (somewhat conflicting with Mike Eng's meet and greet), the Garvey School District Board of Trustees will be swearing in the members who were elected/re-elected last month.  That would be Henry Lo, who was re-elected, and newly-elected member Janet Chin.

This meeting will be at Arlene Bitely Elementary School.  That's at 7501 E. Fern, which is between Del Mar and New.  I think that puts it south of Garvey Intermediate.

John Nunez, Rosemead Councilmember -- Nuñez accused by city worker

Sorry if this story is unfavorable, but at least this blog give the accused a chance to comment in his own words, or have others give their point of view, although with a pending lawsuit, it is NOT usually advisable.  Councilmember Taylor didn't seem to be bothered by confidentiality laws afforded to all local governments though.  Someone needs to remind him we are still a country of "laws".

Frank C. Girardot and Jennifer McLain, Staff Writers

FYI: Shots fired, carjacking in Rosemead

Pasadena Star-News story here.

The 3300 block of Evelyn is south of Hellman and west of Del Mar. Delta is east of San Gabriel. I’m sure the event times are only approximate.  Otherwise, you’d have to be pretty fast (as in Roger Bannister-fast) to run the distance between the two events (about a mile and a half) in seven minutes, and still have time to pull a carjacking.

Rosemead's Excessive Attorney Fees

Hey SOC,

This writer, Jennifer McLain, is at it again.  She states that Tran and Nunez have hired this attorney's law firm, a Bonafacio Garcia, who has charged the city almost $164K in five months, while the city's annual legal budget is $265K.  It is not clear whether Garcia's firm is representing the Planning Commission and/or the city.

The citiy has paid another law firm $30K for six months of work, and yet another firm $5,612.00 for one month's legal fees in Sept.  Some of the  fees are for work done on behalf of the Redevelopment Agency, some for thePlanning Commission, and some fees covering the City and the Planning Commission.

EIR Scoping Meeting for the City of Rosemead's General Plan Revision

The city of Rosemead is beginning the process of revising its general plan.  This document will help guide the city's development over the next ten years.

At 6pm on Thursday, November 29, in the city council chambers, the city will be holding a scoping meeting on the environmental impact report for the general plan revision.

As you may recall from our Wal-Mart adventure, the scoping meeting is when people have an opportunity to identify possible environmental impacts you'd like to make sure are considered when the city prepares its full-blown environmental impact report on a proposed action.

Developing the Levitz's/Rosemead Inn Property

A story and photo album about the Levitz’s/Rosemead Inn property, north of the San Bernardino Freeway, just west of Rosemead Blvd. Progress appears to be slow.

I’m not sure if they (Community Development Commission/City Council) are planning to shift the exclusive negotiating agreement to another company. Since Primstor owns the Levitz’s property, it was originally assumed giving the ENA to Primstore was going to lead to quicker action. On the other hand, if the potential tenants know there’s pressure for quick action, that may give them leverage against the developer.

Events from City Council Meeting last night (Nov 20)?

I was too tired from my own late night at the Planning Commission on Monday, and I had too much grading to do.  So I didn't make it to last night's city council meeting.  Anyone willing to fill in the details?