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"He ran into my knive. . . Over, and over, and over!"

That's a paraphrase from the musical, "Chicago."  I thought it was kind of funny and appropriate because I read a letter signed by Martha Wagner in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune this morning.  She was doing her usual Tran-bashing.

I have nothing against the Tribune publishing her letter.  But why do they keep publishing the same letter, over and over and over?

I can't think of a catchy title now; I'll think of one later

Jennifer McLain wrote what I think is a pretty fair story about Tuesday's council meeting.  It accurately presents the request that he step down, while also making it clear that the people making this request are the same ones who have been attacking him the past few years.  In other words, the people who don't like Nunez are inclined to believe any bad thing you have to say about him, and the folks who like the direction the city's taking are inclined to dismiss this all as just politics.


Just can't get over how pretty our little corner of the world looks like today.  Here's a nice picture from today's Pasadena Star-News that shows what I mean:

Folks back East must be thrown by the idea of "fall" color in January, though!

Rosemead Community Yard Sale

March 30 is the day for the community yard sale.  Visit the city website,, for more information.

The general idea is that, for a mere $10, you get access to a parking space near city hall to sell  your wares.  It's like a yard sale, but you don't need to pay for advertising, or signs or publicity.  And you're guaranteed a lot of foot traffic by the people drawn to the event to see all the stuff your neighbors have to offer.

Stupid Pointless Blather

[Changed the subject line; probably should have done this back in July. Tired of the pissing contest.]

Rosemead Blvd

Tribune story on the possible relinquishment of Rosemead Blvd to the city of Rosemead, accompanied by a pretty terrible photo of our mayor.

I like this idea. Rather than simply crying about traffic but doing nothing about it for year after year, we’ve finally got some people who want to fix the problem. Will it cost money? Of course. Asphalt isn’t free. But it’s necessary if we want to transform "downtown Rosemead" into some place folks will actually want to, and be able to, visit.

Hit and Run in Rosemead

Hit and Run, Rosemead and Mission. Just in case anyone saw anything yesterday, (Monday) around 8:40pm. They’re looking for a black Nissan with probably front-end damage.

edit:  Well, now the hit and run driver is going to be wanted for manslaughter. The victim died.

Light on Rush, at Delta?

On the Traffic Commission's agenda for Thursday, January 3 (7pm), is a discussion of whether to place a traffic light at either Delta and Rush or Angelus and Rush.  This would probably be paired with the removal of the traffic light for the Wal-Mart entrance from Rush.

Residents in the area have noted the difficulty in existing Rush Street, particularly because cars on Rush are often drifting to the right to get ready to enter the Wal-Mart as they pass Delta.  So if you're in a car on Delta and trying to scootch forward to see if there's a break in the cross-traffic, you may find yourself in the path of an oncoming car.