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Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

Chambers of Commerce in the San Gabriel Valley.

Several interesting points are raised in this story, about Chamber of Commerce organizations in the San Gabriel Valley. Rosemead’s Chamber of Commerce is featured prominently.

One point has to do with political involvement by chambers. Yes, they’ve been politically active, which makes one wonder if a politically-oriented organization should receive any funding from the city. Another point has to do with which businesses are being represented on the Chamber. Some Chamber members don’t feel the Asian businesses are pulling their load. Meanwhile, the Asian businesses don’t think the Chamber is doing anything for them, so why should they join?

Graffiti Success

I noticed some new graffiti on the guard rails near my house on Thursday.  But I forgot to call it in on Thursday or Friday.  Nonetheless, by Sunday, the guard rail had been painted over.

This is just the most recent example of one of the successes our city council majority isn't getting enough credit for.  Response times on graffiti abatement calls (and, it would appear, on proactive graffiti removal) has improved.

Valley Vision -- Tuesday, March 25, 5pm

I see on the city website that there is a joint city council/planning commission study session on the Valley Vision-thing [Does that make me sound like George H.W. Bush?].

Valley Vision is the city staff trying to meet with residents and businesses about what they'd like to see Valley Blvd look like in ten or twenty years.  They (or their consultant) will make a presentation to both the city council and the planning commission.

Oktoberfest and Two and a Half men

I heard the Rosemead Oktoberfest got a mention on the CBS comedy, Two and a Half Men.  If anyone can point me to a youtube or similar place where I could see the clip, I'd be much obliged.  post here or send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page.

[The show does not appear to be one of the ones that you can view for free on]

Stuff I heard at the Phony State of the City Address

I was shocked to learn that the city had been "hijacked."  I guess that's what they call losing an election.

I know politics and policy is rarely about facts, but I still get all whacked out when I hear what comes out of some people's mouths.  Last night, I heard people complain about having no place to shop, no grocery store, too much traffic, and a city that didn't do enough to reach out and keep the voters informed.

More from "State of the City"

I'll have to post on some of the things I saw and heard there later.  For now, I'll start at the end:

Near the end of the meeting, Victor Ruiz stood to "ask a question."  But it wasn't really a question.  It was more of a campaign speech.  And he started it the oddest way.  I'm not sure if I heard him right, but it sounded like he got a ticket.  It wasn't clear if it was a citation from code enforcement or the Sheriff's Department.  And it sounded like he was mad that he couldn't just call city hall as he had in the past to get the ticket "fixed."

Planning Commission Meeting, Monday, March 17, 7pm

Looks like another short meeting.  Only one item on the agenda.   The Planning Commission Agenda in .pdf format is here.

It's a requeest for a conditional use permit that would transfer an existing alcohol license to a new owner at 8966 E. Garvey Ave (Roy’s Liquor). City staff is recommending DENIAL of the license.

What it means to be a "community activist"

Some discussion on Leftovers from City Hall about what it means to be a community activist in general, and about a certain local resident, in particular.