Rosemead News

Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

Oktoberfest is history

The council that claims to care about events that bring the city together just killed one of two events that actually does that. It's being replaced by "an event to be named later."

Snow Job on Rosemead's Budget

When is the Tribune going to get beyond just taking things coming out of Rosemead's city council at face value?

Questions the Tribune should be asking:

Gloria Molina left me holding the bag!

I guess if you're termed out and unopposed in your election, you get to spend your money on things that will help raise your visibility for a possible future run for office. Supervisor Gloria Molina just sent me (and probably everyone else in the district) a reusable shopping bag.

Free Art and Culture

So you want to visit a museum, but you're too cheap to pay for it? Lucky for you, there are ways around paying. Here's a link to a .pdf document on the Norton Simon Museum's website that lists free days for most area museums. Enjoy!

Memorial Day, Part 2

Haven't had a chance to get on-line to write about Memorial Day in Savannah Cemetery.

The cemetery looked great. Two days earlier, dozens of volunteers placed flags at the headstones and tombstones of veterans buried in the cemetery. Dozens of others (some volunteers, some doing community service) helped spruce up the place.

Rosemead Budget

The SGV Tribune is doing another "Rah, Rah" story about our city council: Rosemead's Budget Plan Saves Services from the Chopping Block."

It's a funny article, once you put it in context:

Rosemead City Hall, May 25, 2010

And a closer view:

Kinda sad to see homeless people in Rosemead. But least we can be sure our city council members are aware of the problem!