Rosemead News

Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

"Rosemead" on KNX

Woke up today to the sound of "Rosemead" on the morning news. Never a good thing. Can't find a link to that story KNX's website, but I did find this one, with a handy map to track Rosemead homicides.

Oh, boo, hoo

Why are we spending city time and money fighting against something we ought to be fighting for?

A high speed rail station in El Monte? YES!

Another Brave Nothing

On a related note, I knew that all the Bell controversy would lead at least one stupid person to stand up and say how good it was that Rosemead didn't become a charter city (as though every charter city has Bell's problems). Last night's meeting did not disappoint in that respect, although it was a pretty tremendous waste of time.

Funeral Fund

I don't know who posted this and if it is legitimate, but I thought I would link the post (which is currently buried in the comment section) here, in case anyone were interested or wished to add additional comments.

Fresh and Easy

Revised story on Fresh and Easy. This one has the obligatory kiss-up to Steven Ly. Never mind that the deal was all done but the dotting of the I's and crossing the T's before he was even elected. . . .

If you don't like the science, ignore the science

It is accepted as fact by most serious scholars of urban planning, public policy, and environmental policy that suburban sprawl is bad for the environment--more water to keep individual lawns green, more energy for heating and cooling, more air pollution and traffic congestion because everyone needs to drive a car to get anything they need.

Polluted Beaches

The SGV Tribune seems to be opposed to cleaning up our beaches. That's somewhat typical of their provincial approach to policy.

Perhaps reading this story from a few years ago will remind them why cleaning up our storm water runoff matters.

Happy Third of July!

So I guess this means Rosemead is finally ahead of most other SGV cities on something--we launched our fireworks a day early.

Rosemead Park was emptier than most recent Independence Day celebrations. On the other hand, since Independece Day isn't until tomorrow, that meant driving home tonight was actually kind of pleasant--no need to dodge exploding fireworks on the ground!