Rosemead News

Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

Rosemead Youth Leadership Center After School Program

Short story/press release in the SGV Tribune about the afterschool program at Temple Intermediate School in southern Rosemead. It's my understanding the program is open to all comers, not just those living in the Garvey School District. Call the Foundation for more information.

Eastside light rail extension and 30/10

Article on the 30/10 initiative, which would have the feds lend money to the MTA, which the MTA would repay from Measure R funds. We'd get things built faster, and jobs would be created faster (not by November, of course, but faster).

At the end of the article, there's a note that

Rosemead is No Springdale

Springdale is the gateway town to Zion National Park. It also has a ban on "formula" restaurants," which means national chains. No Starbucks. No McDonald's. No KFC. No Subway.


Chuck Lyons' vanity track is going to cost this year's Rosemead High School football team an entire year on the road. It'll also cost them ticket and concessions revenue. But they'll still come out ahead, because of the $800,000 the city of Rosemead is paying for their new track.

Wal-Mart Annual Review

Last night the Rosemead Planning Commission held its annual review of Wal-Mart. It snuck up on me; since the store opened in late September, I assumed the review would be in late September instead of mid-August.

Rosemead Youth Leadership Ccenter

Nice story in the Mid Valley News about the Rosemead Youth Leadership Center, which (among other things) provides an afterschool alternative for students in the Garvey School District.