Rosemead News

Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

Smoking Dragon, Hidden Missiles

Always on the lookout for "rosemead" stories. There were two today. First, the guy who tried to smuggle shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles into the United States.

Next, the "Rooster sauce" guys, moving to Irwindale.

The Mobile Home Park on San Gabriel

I had to search for the article, and found this:

Sep 18, 2007

Gone, but not forgotten by the city

by Jennifer McLain

ROSEMEAD - Concrete slabs, abandoned buildings and trash are all that remain on a vacant trailer park that was leveled in recent weeks.

But city officials said that the demolition was pursued without the proper permits.

LA Times Crime Tracker

The Los Angeles Times has been compiling LAPD and LA County Sheriff reports into an interactive map feature. It's not perfect, but it will give you an idea of what's going on in the city.

Stealing from St. Anthony's?

Signs all over San Gabriel are announcing that St. Anthony's (Church, corner of San Gabriel and Marshall, just north of the San Bernardino Freeway) is having their annual Fall Festival the second weekend in October. It's a major fundraiser for the local parish, and will feature rides, food booths, entertainment, etc.

Speaking of Natural Gas Pipelines. . . .

Front page story in the SGV Tribune today about the large natural gas pipeline that cuts through a good chunk of the San Gabriel Valley. They had a number of pictures from Martha Baldwin School in Alhambra, which is surrounded on two sides by the pipeline.

Kidnapping Drama

This story has been developing over the past week. As I recall, the kidnapping of a Monterey Park woman started in Arcadia. She was dumped for dead in the high desert, and the kidnapper attempted to pick up the ransom in the parking lot of the Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel (corner of Del Mar and Valley).

9/11 runners

Surprising number of runners on our local streets this morning. I guess UFC did a good job of drumming up interest in the run and enticing people to sign up in exchange for the free trial membership.

Proceeds from entry fees is supposed to pay for the Rosemead 9/11 memorial. Not sure how much that's supposed to cost and if they got enough entries to pay for the whole thing.

Fresh and Easy Opens

They officially opened their doors yesterday, September 8. The small parking lot was quickly overwhelmed. Between the overcrowded lot and the poor access, I'm sure they're losing a fair amount of business already. They're probably also doing a fair business, which is good for them. And they've mailed out coupons ($5 off on a $20 order), which is good for Rosemead residents.