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Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

Judge Trashes Athens Suit

Athens, the company that holds the exclusive trash hauling contract for Monterey Park, filed suit to keep a referendum off the ballot that, if passed, would require putting the contract out to bid. However, a judge tossed out their suit, and will allow the vote to go forward as scheduled.

Last year, the Rosemead City Council gave Athens the contract to sweep our city's streets.

No Pay Raises for El Monte Union Administrators

Timing is everything, and this is obviously not the time to raise the pay of government employees. The teachers' union drummed up some major opposition to the pay raises for administrators and got

A Mess of Photos

by natarajam

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The Great Escape

A handcuffed shoplifting suspect escaped a Sheriff's vehicle and eluded the containment area intended to recapture him.

How does someone with his hands cuffed behind him make a clean getaway? You'd think someone would have seen him. And you know his wife must have had some questions for him when he got home!

Municipal Election Candidates File

March 8 is election day in for Rosemead and Monterey Park city council seats.

The SGV Tribune posted a short article on candidates who have filed.

The list for Rosemead includes Councilwoman Polly Low, Planning Commissioner Bill Alarcon, and local activists R. Alejandro Gandara and Barbara Murphy.

San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority

Other than spending thousands of dollars on fancy ads in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, it's not clear what the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority has done for the citizens of the San Gabriel Valley. But Water Quality Authority board members do receive a big, fat stipend. That's why Margaret Clark has been on the board since its inception.

Gary Taylor NOT running for reelection?

During last night's CDC meeting, Councilman Gary Taylor claimed he would be "quitting" the city council in four months.

Believe him or don't believe him?