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Trouble in the Beautiful Hills

Over the past week, the Tribune's Montebello beat writer sure has been busy. Stories out of Montebello included:

Claims that police officers were assigned quotas for arrests and citations.

The new police chief, and the interim city manager that hired him both appear to have been fired.

Holy Relic, Batman!

Don Bosco is coming to Rosemead. Literally. He'll be spending the night at St. Joseph's Selesian Youth Center, immediately south of Don Bosco Tech.

Here's his touring schedule.

If you don't like the science, ignore the science

It is accepted as fact by most serious scholars of urban planning, public policy, and environmental policy that suburban sprawl is bad for the environment--more water to keep individual lawns green, more energy for heating and cooling, more air pollution and traffic congestion because everyone needs to drive a car to get anything they need.

Oktoberfest is history

The council that claims to care about events that bring the city together just killed one of two events that actually does that. It's being replaced by "an event to be named later."

"Didimao," or Who is this "we" you are speaking of?

Memorial Day, Part 2

Haven't had a chance to get on-line to write about Memorial Day in Savannah Cemetery.

The cemetery looked great. Two days earlier, dozens of volunteers placed flags at the headstones and tombstones of veterans buried in the cemetery. Dozens of others (some volunteers, some doing community service) helped spruce up the place.

Memorial Day at the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery

The banner pretty much says all I know.

MC Gill Corporation Supports Savannah Cemetery

The M.C. Gill Corporation presented the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery with a check for $8,000 to support the historic cemetery and help balance Savannah's books for the current year.