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California's Latest Export: Chihuahuas

[Above photo by Genaro Molina of the L.A. Times--no infringement intended]

El Monte Union High School Distrct Swearing In

El Monte Union High School District's Board of Trustees meets on Wednesday, December 9 at 5pm at South El Monte High School to swear in its new members. Among the new members is former Rosemead Mayor John Tran.

California State Controller John Chiang will be in town to do the honors.

Quasi-blanket primary

Next June, California voters will be able to decide on a quasi-blanket primary election system. It may even be a full-blanket primary system. I need to study this issue closer. So far, all I know is what's in this Los Angeles Times article.

Day of Inclusion?

December 17 in California is now a "Day of Inclusion," because the state legislature passed a resolution marking that date as the anniversary of the passage of a federal law in 1943 that repealed an 1882 law that prohibited immigration from China.

Coyote Alert

A large coyote was poking around the edge of the Rubio Wash at Wells Street a few minutes ago. Not sure where he came from, but, being a cat owner, I don't like 'em hanging around. I harrassed him into running north. Last seen running north on Delta, towards Mission. With any luck, he'll get caught by the Humane Society guys up there on Grand.

City of Rosemead blows $800,000 paying someone else's bills

The Rosemead City Council voted 3-2 last night to spend $800,000 to help pay for a synthetic track on Rosemead High School grounds. Maggie Clark, Sandra Armenta and Steven Ly voted "Yes." Gary Taylor and Polly Low voted No.

Where the money came from to pay for the Rosemead Park jogging trail

Here's the staff report for the Rosemead jogging trail, which was approved in July 2008. It cost about $500,000. Three sources of revenue paid for it: a California Waste Board Recycled Tire grant, a state transportation/sidewalk grant, and money from Rosemead's community redevelopment fund.

Updated Election Results

Provisional ballots and absentee ballots that were turned in on election day or arrived via USPS on election day are still being counted. The only significant change since election night comes out of the Garvey School District, where Bob Bruesch now looks to be successful in his reelection effort:

A "TONY" RAMOS 948 27.81%
JOHN YUEN 840 24.64
BOB BRUESCH 817 23.97