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Lead Investigator in Bobby Salcedo Murder Killed

Things are going from bad to worse in Mexico, where the LA Times reports that the lead investigator in Mexico of the murder of El Monte educator Bobby Salcedo has himself been murdered.

Rain, Rosemead Park, and the Lunar New Year

After rain on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today, and with the expectation of heavy rain tomorrow, plus possibly more rain on Friday and Saturday, the Rosemead has decided to reschedule the city's first Lunar New Year celebration to Saturday, January 30.

RN and EP

Nixon signed a lot of stuff "RN." I think he wanted to be like JFK, although it never really caught on outside of himself.

Rosemead City Council Meeting, Tuesday, January 12

7pm, council chambers. They're in the process of shifting from a "conditional use permit" to a "design review" for construction of single family homes larger than 2,500 square feet.

This is a partial improvement, in line with some of the changes we tried implementing on the planning process back when I was on the planning commission.

Violence in Mexico Touches El Monte

When you read some of the stories coming out of Mexico, the level of violence is simply impossible to fully grasp. That violence touched the San Gabriel Valley today when an El Monte School Board member was found dead on Thursday morning.

Sidewalk Astronomy in Monrovia, Saturday, December 26

Probably the last sidewalk event of 2009, and your last chance to see Jupiter for about seven months. Corner of Myrtle and Lime in Old Town Monrovia.

We'll set up by 6pm, with Jupiter viewing early and moon viewing throughout the evening. Probably pack things in at 9pm. If it's cold and wet, of course, we may not set up, or may leave early.

COBRA extension passed

Good news for the unemployed: Earlier today, the Senate passed a six-month extension to the COBRA subsidy. The House previously passed this legislation, so now it's on to the President's desk, where Obama has already said he supports the extension.