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Rosemead: City Next to a City With a Mission

San Gabriel has its Mission District, and a nice "Old Town" area with an historic walking tour.

Do a google image search for San Gabriel and you get plenty of hits for images like this one, from Congressman Adam Schiff's website:

Rosemead Community Yard Sale

This year, the yard sale moves to the Southern California Edison parking lot, 2255 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, CA. This means virtually unlimited space for potential sellers.

Early registration ends March 4. Late registration ends March 11. Additional information is here.

E-Waste Event Coming to SGHS, March 6-7, 9am to 4pm

South Parking Lot, SGHS, 801 S. Ramona Street, San Gabriel, CA 91776.

The flyer is attached. Feel free to pass along this information.

The SGHS PTA is one of several non-profit organizations that are benefiting from the e-waste recycling program. If you have an old tv, computer, or other electronic equipment that you no longer use, consider recycling it on March 6-7.

Student Loans

The woman Yahoo! uses for an example in their article on student loans is an exceptionally bad example. You almost have to TRY to get $550,000 in debt. However, student loans can put you into a hole that'll take you a while to dig out of.

El Monte Budget Looking Better?

Small story in the Tribune about the improved budget picture for El Monte.

Break-ins at Shuey School

Shuey's principal, Carlos Moran, sent a letter home with kids, mailed a letter to nearby addresses, and placed flyers on the doors of nearby homes. He reported three recent break-ins at the school: The weekend of 1/23-24, 1/30-31, and on the morning of 2/4.

Lunar New Year Festival Draws Big Crowd

These are a couple of the lousiest pictures that will ever be posted here. My cell phone spends time in my pocket, or in my greasy little palms, so the little lens gets dirty. Plus, it's a low-res camera to begin with.