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Fields of Gold

The California Poppies have reached peak bloom in the Antelope Valley. This is California's answer to Autumn leaf peeping in the Northeast.

Steve Poizner Doesn't Want to be Governor

When you look at Steve Poizner's attack ad on Meg Whitman's immigration policy, that's the only conclusion you can draw:

Rosemead is no longer "Where City Pride is Justified"

New mixed use development in Monrovia keeps raising the bar for their Old Town. More upscale residents and more upscale retail means lots of additional tax revenue for that city.

ARVN, RVN, and Flags

Flag of the Republic of Vietnam

Yard Sale a sign of economic distress?

Rosemead's third annual yard sale got some coverage in the

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

4.4 earthquake at 4:04am this morning, on the Whittier Fault. Yep, same fault as in 1987, but a little southwest.

Early Thursday Morning, Walnut Grove and Valley

Anyone see anything odd on Thursday morning, around 5:30am? The Tribune is reporting that an injured man was found at that corner early Thursday morning.

If you saw anything, you should probably call the Temple Sheriff Station at 626-285-7171.