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Christmas would never be the same

Dewey baby
Sometimes (as with Carmichael),you can look at a headstone and put together a story. Usually, the story is a sad one. For the Alleys, I saw this and thought that, after 1950, their Christmases were never the same.

Donald M. Alley, Jr.: December 25, 1950 - January 1, 1951

Silver Star Awardee, Wilbur N. Carmichael

Wilbur N. Carmichael's tombstone
One of many veterans from several wars who are buried in Savannah Cemetery, I came across the headstone of Wilbur N. Carmichael yesterday.

Camphor Tree, Savannah Pioneer Cemetery

I took a walk down Valley, on over to the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery. I'll post some pictures over the next few days.

Today's picture is of this great, broad tree near the center of the cemetery. Near as I can figure, it's a camphor tree.

My Wal-Mart "Settlement"

It's not news that I disapprove of the way Wal-Mart has been treating its neighbors. After all, they've violated the Rosemead noise ordinance every night since they've opened (not that you see our city "leaders" doing anything about that).

Five Years Ago Today

I was walking back to my home this evening when I passed near a group of about six adults, gathered near a tree on Gladys Avenue, just south of Wells. From a distance, I couldn't tell what they were up to. From up closer, I could see what it was.

Polly Low Fundraiser

A reminder that Polly Low's fundraiser is April 22. The RSVP date was supposed to be April 12, but I suspect if you contact her and say you want to attend, she'll make arrangements to accommodate you.

Smart Planning? Mixed Use? What a Concept!

Amusing editorial in the SGV Tribune today. Apparently, they think this is a good idea everywhere else but Rosemead. I guess they subscribe to the mantra that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.