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More scenes from the cemetery

Walking through the cemetery yesterday, I saw a headstone, adorned with flowers. Coming closer, I noticed that the day before was the woman's birthday. Someone (probably one of her children or grandchildren) had stopped by to place flowers on her grave for her birthday.

Siege Mortar

The Savannah Cemetery newsletter had a story a few months ago about the siege mortar that is near the flagpole in the cemetery. The weapon dates to 1898 and was manufactured by the Watervliet Arsenal in New York state.


Governor Schwarzenegger's been very bad for California. The state is worse off now than when he took over, and a lot of that is due to stupid decisions made in his very first days in office.

Barr Lumber Still Vacant

barr lumber

Remember when I blogged about how I thought the Barr Lumber site would remain vacant for a really long time? Well, it's seven months later, and nothing's changed.

Benjamin Franklin is buried here!

Also in Savannah Cemetery. No, not the one from Philadelphia. :D

65th Anniversary of V-E Day

Nick C. Pappas
In honor of the 65th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, I've got a picture of another headstone marking the grave of a WWII veteran: Nick C. Pappas.

"I'm not dead, yet!"

More on my series of pictures from Savannah Pioneer Cemetery.

When I first saw this headstone, I thought, "I didn't know he died!" He didn't, but when he does, former Rosemead mayor Ken Pike will still have Rosemead in his heart. :D