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Poston Camp Girl Scouts

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Girls Scouts from Poston Camp II gather in a photo taken in March 1945. First row, from left: Teiko Oka, Emie Yuki, Kuni Ohara, Mayumi Yasumoto, Nancy Inokuchi. Back row, from left: Akiko Nakagawa, Marion Nakamura, Sally Endo, May Gyotoku, and Leader Momo Iwakiri. Nancy Buell, Girl Scout historian for Arizona, is seeking to locate everyone pictured in the photo. If you have information, contact Sab Masada at (559) 434-7609 or e-mail

Click here to see the photo and original article: Do you know these scouts?

Lafayette's Answer to Net Neutrality: A City Operated Utility


The past couple weeks we've seen the FCC propose new rules they're calling "Net Neutrality". The people who have argued for Net Neutrality are calling it "Net Neutraility Lite" because it's lacking a lot of things they want - but includes basic protections.

One thing NNLite excludes is the reclassification of internet services as utilities rather than "information services."

The Penguins - Memories of El Monte

Check out the comments on the video (click on it once it's playing).  What's interesting about this song is that Frank Zappa produced it.  You don't really think of him as a doo-wop guy. The Penguins did Earth Angel.

Losing the War

Normally, I would not front-page this myself, but it's too darn good. This video is going viral on YouTube. But will the President and Democrats fight to let the Bush tax cuts lapse?

$20 a month for 10Mb/s Broadband

You can get 10Mb/s broadband for only $20 a month... if you live in the UK.

Virgin Media UK

But for us saps here in the US, who like, invented the internet, it costs $40 a month to get 3Mb/s internet from AT&T.

night reader's not-quite-a voter guide

There are a few interesting candidates running for election. I'm not going to make any "endorsements", but I find these folks interesting.

Bill Lockyer - a Democrat who has sounded warnings about pension problems. Google him and read the stories that come up.

Casting a vote for chaos

The LAT has an article relevant for people in Rosemead and surrounding communities, where we have low voter turnout, a lack of civic engagement, and (possible) political corruption.

Casting a vote for chaos by Jessica Garrison and Abby Sewell.

What should people in Rosemead and surrounding communities do to increase civic engagement?