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No Moratorium

Rosemead council won't stop Wal-Mart Pasadena Star News, 12 April 2005

Foes of retailer vow to recall 2 council members

"Save Our Community would need about 3,500 votes to get the recall on a ballot."

Judge's ruling deals setback to Rosemead's Wal-Mart plans

Judge's ruling deals setback to Rosemead's Wal-Mart plans, SGVTribune 06 April 2005

"Yaffe had harsh words for the City Council, which at first told residents the store would not operate 24 hours a day, then allowed Wal-Mart the privilege when it approved the project at a Sept. 7 meeting."

Even if it wasn't a 24 h

Traffic Study Sought on Wal-Mart Site

Traffic study sought on Wal-Mart site, Pasadena Star News, 03/29/05

"Caltrans officials say City Hall has ignored repeated requests for a study of a planned Wal-Mart Super Center's effect on streets intersecting the Pomona (60) Freeway."

"Save Our Community, with the support of labor unions, will challenge t

Tran calls for Rosemead PD study

Tran calls for Rosemead PD study, Whittier Daily News, 03/25/05

"A closed-session motion by Tran to hire independent counsel to examine the environmental impact report submitted by Wal-Mart was blocked by Clark, Imperial and Taylor. The report will be challenged in court by Wal-Mart opponents on April 6.

Tran: Focus on Rosemead

Tran: Focus on Rosemead
Opinions, Whittier Daily News, 15 March 2005

"Tran should step down from his school board seat immediately so he can concentrate on issues within Rosemead. Those who overwhelmingly elected Tran deserve his full attention and undivided loyalty. California law backs that premise."

Is John Tran still planning to stay on the Garvey School Board until November.?

Voter Turnout High in Rosemead

Voter turnout high in Rosemead, Pasadena Star News, Wed 09 March 2005.

"The council is gaining its first Asian-American member but losing one Latino member. The city is about 53 percent Asian and 40 percent Latino."

The former and current City Council is 60% White (Clark, Imperial, Taylor), highly disproportionate to the actual population of Rosemead. It is difficult to find the make-up of previous Rosemead City Councils, but it seems Clark has been the only woman for a while, and Joe Vasquez was the first Latino councilmember (elected in 1999?). So before 1999, the council was 100% White (Bruesch, Clark, Imperial, McDonald, Taylor).