The laser can be thought of like a pencil

A standard laser-engraving machine has three main parts: a laser, a controller and a surface. The laser can be thought of like a pencil in that the beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surface. Laser engraving or laser marking usually are the method of using lasers to engrave or else mark an object by doing away with the fabric abandoning a permanent mark.



My Blue Heaven, about South Gate

My Blue Heaven is about the early history of South Gate, detailing how the early residents often built their own houses. It was a working class suburb in the early industrialization of Los Angeles.

A COG in the wheel of the SGV

Oftentimes, the SGV Tribune does a little digging and reports some numbers. Usually, I get frustrated because I don't feel like they're digging deep enough to get the real answer. For example, I just read this article about the dues the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments charges its member cities. Yes, that's an interesting point.

night reader's not-quite-a voter guide

There are a few interesting candidates running for election. I'm not going to make any "endorsements", but I find these folks interesting.

Bill Lockyer - a Democrat who has sounded warnings about pension problems. Google him and read the stories that come up.

Proposition 14

Searching for Prop 14 brings up a couple articles from Time magazine about an older Prop 14 from 1967.

California: Proposition 14
The Supreme Court: Saying No to Proposition 14

That prop 14 was an effort to repeal the Rumford Act, a CA law that prohibited discrimination in housing. The far-right put together a law that was worded to sound like it would increase freedom, when, in fact, it would have allowed homeowners (and banks) to discriminate against minority buyers.

Even back then, the big bamboozle was in full effect.

W. Byron Rumford

A History of Bunker Hill

Tom Wetzel has a good article about the history and decline of Bunker Hill. It's interesting to see how the hill changed, and he has ideas of why Downtown went into a decline.

Los Angeles Street-Selling Scam

This has nothing to do with Rosemead, but it's this scheme that's been going down in Los Angeles. Villaraigosa and the City are planning to sell street parking rights to a private company.

At least that's what Walter Moore is claiming on the interesting BudgetLA site.

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