Worst Case Scenerio for Schools by Dan Walters

THOUSANDS of California teachers were given layoff notices a few weeks ago because state law requires
the slips to be sent out each spring if administrators and trustees believe cuts are needed to balance their
Later this month, the districts must decide whether to continue or rescind those layoffs on the assumption
that by then they'll know the state of their 2012-13 finances.

request to "Garvey Parent"

Sorry to see "Garvey Parents" go


I am sorry to see "Garvey Parents" leaving this blog.

Garvey's Future


What do we REALLY want to be happening inside Garvey District’s schoolrooms? Do we want quiet, studious classrooms where every child in every classroom at the same grade level is on the same page, studying the same skill at the same time by doing the same skill sheets and workbook pages?

Vietnamese Freedom Flag

Nice explanatory article about the Vietnamese Freedom Flag, which has flown over Rosemead around April 30 each of the past three years.


Garvey Problems

A lot of misinformation has been exchanged here and I hope I can make more sense out of it for everyone. First: "Balanced Literacy" has been around since the early 90's. It was designed as a balance between the two warring camps in reading/language arts - the "Whole Language" group and the "Phonics/Back to the Basics" group.

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