Vietnamese Freedom Flag

Nice explanatory article about the Vietnamese Freedom Flag, which has flown over Rosemead around April 30 each of the past three years.


Garvey Problems

A lot of misinformation has been exchanged here and I hope I can make more sense out of it for everyone. First: "Balanced Literacy" has been around since the early 90's. It was designed as a balance between the two warring camps in reading/language arts - the "Whole Language" group and the "Phonics/Back to the Basics" group.

The "United Parents of Garvey School District" advocate censorship

The "United Parents of Garvey School District advocate censorship rather than open discussion. Why seek the truth when the opposition can just be silenced?

Rather than rewriting everything, see the vitriolic diatribe of the "United Parents of Garvey School District" on the Save Our Community page ( and the response at

Garvey School District

The parent who was quoted in the article about Garvey School District in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune wants to set the record straight and asked to help post her email to the reporter and the full text of her comments she read at the Garvey School Board meeting.


Walmart Bribery Scandal Should Lead to Big Fines

In Wal-Mart Probe, a ‘Black Box’ of Possible Fines

As we know, Walmart likes to play politics to smooth their store development process. They ask for favors, and now it's quite clear that they will also bribe politicians to get their development plans approved.


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