Crime Spikes in Rosemead

The happy talk from the incumbents to the contrary, we're in the midst of a disturbing spike in Part 1 (serious) crimes in Rosemead.

Low Voter Turnout Expected

The West Valley News portends rough seas for candidates... or is it easy sailing. I dunno - do incumbents do better in low turnout elections?

There are three city council seats up for Rosemead: Armenta, Ly, and Clark. Janet Chin is challenging the incumbents.

Video of Candidate Forum. Uh oh. Low turnout there too. Maybe people were watching online.

Drastic Rent Increases in El Monte being Examined

This recent story on ABC about rent increases at Brookside Mobile Park raises the issue of mobile home rental law, which is different from regular rental law, and also different from homeowner law. If you or a relative is living in a mobile home park, it's wise to learn the laws regarding them.

"Balanced Budget"? "No cuts in service"? Liars.

How is it that the incumbents for Rosemead City Council can claim they've balanced the budget with no cuts in service if, 1) The $20 million budget reserve they inherited has been spent down to virtually nothing, and; 2) The Senior Center next to City Hall is still closed?

HOT Lanes on the San Bernardino Freeway

That's "The I-10" for you younger folks. And HOT means "High Occupancy Transit" lanes.

Rosemead City Council Candidate's Forum this Tuesday

Although it's been so quiet (compared to recent years) that it almost doesn't seem that way, there actually is going to be an election in just a couple of weeks. That being the case, there will be a candidate's forum this Tuesday night, February 19th, at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers at City Hall (8838 E. Valley Blvd.).

Bahooka to Close

It's all over the news: Bahooka is closing. It was always fun to go, at least when I drank alcohol. The food was meh. I hope the new owners keep the decor and theme and strong sweet drinks, and upgrade the food a bit.

Chris Nichols, LA Magazine
Frank Giradot, SGV Trib
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Los Cerritos Community News

This site has the popular blogger Randy Economy writing for it. They're down in the Norwalk area but cover everywhere, all the way up to LA.

Los Cerritos Community News

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