Big Raise for Garvey School District Superintendent

Boosted from $148,500 to %170K. In addition, Superintendent Sandra Johnson receives $5100 for having a Ph.D., $5700 for "mileage," and perhaps $12,000 a year deposited into her retirement account.

Two views of the San Gabriel River

LA Times article on the mess that is the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, and a SGV Tribune blurb on a flyfishing outreach event on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. No link available for the little fly fishing blurb, though.

I just thought the juxtaposition of articles this morning was funny.

Savannah Cemetery "Spirit Fest"

There's an arts and crafts show scheduled for this Saturday (Sep 29, 11am - 3pm) in the Moose Lodge parking lot (near the corner of Valley and Mission Blvds in Rosemead. That's adjacent to the historic Savannah Cemetery.

SGHS E-Waste Event -- Sept 15, 2012, 9am - 3pm

There's another e-waste collection event at San Gabriel High School (801 S. Ramona St, San Gabriel, CA 91776). It's this Saturday, 8am - 3pm.

More on CAL Poultry

A much better article on the city's surrender to CAL Poultry appeared in the LA Times today. The Times puts this defeat for the city in the context of Maggie Clark sending out scary postcards about Avian Flu, and her proposal to require English translators for programs at the city recreational facilities

Chickens 1, Racists 0

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary litigation, Rosemead has finally decided to settle with CAL Poultry to let the business remain in town.

The 710 Needs You!

SR-710 Freeway Alternatives Alert!

Community Liaison Council Meeting
Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Alhambra Library
101 S. First St
Alhambra, CA 91801

Thank you to those of you who attended or otherwise communicated your transportation needs, opinions and suggestions to Metro in last year's scoping meetings, and again at the Open Houses in May. Using in part the feedback from the Open Houses and additional public feedback, the remaining ten options - including both no-build and build as originally planned - are about to be further reduced to a small handful. Environmental Impact Reports and Studies will be generated on each of these for public comment.

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