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The Rosemead City Council, on Tuesday, March 13th, will award a 10 year exclusive trash removal contract to one of 5 companies who submitted proposals. A very complete and weighted set of criteria was used by the City staff in their evaluation. Staff is recommending the company with the best evaluation, which is Rainbow Environmental Services.

Republicans want to lose to Obama in November

Well, probably not, but I just can't get over the stupid things they say. Mitt Romney wants to connect with autoworkers in Michigan, so he talks about the two Cadillacs his wife drives?


Might be coming to El Monte. Would be nice, since they left San Gabriel a few years ago for West Covina. WeCo is too far to drive, but I'd be willing to drive to El Monte.

Jeremy Lin Double Standard

I don't watch Saturday Night Live very often, and I didn't watch it very long last night. However, the cold open was hilarious.

(Gotta wait through a commercial or two, but since it's the cold open, you don't have to sit through the whole show to see the skit).

Assembly Race in the west San Gabriel Valley.

I've been contacted by two public opinion survey takers, trying to figure out how I'll vote in June. There's obviously some serious early money going into this race.

This is for the seat currently held by Mike Eng, who is termed out at the end of 2012.

Chevy Silverado

I got a big kick out of this commercial. What I didn't realize was that Ford tried to squash the ad, and threatened legal action if it aired. Stupid Ford.

Coyote Attacks Chihuahua in Alhambra

In Alhambra, south of Valley. That's not normally a place you'd expect to see a coyote, but they are definitely expanding their range, and can pop up anywhere in the area, since we're all within a mile or two of a wash or other pathway a coyote could use.

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