Saying NO to Amigo Stores

It seems Baldwin Park City Council officials want mixed use development with American chain stores, but are stuck between cultures and generations. I could see this being relevant to Rosemead, Montebello and Monterey Park, as well as other surrounding cities.,0,7124994.story?page=1&track=rss

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Saying NO to Amigo Stores

Yeah, I saw this article and thought the same thing:  Second, third, and fourth generation Americans are more American than immigrant, but sometimes it takes a while for the businesses serving the community to catch up to their clientele.

One important difference between BP and Rosemead is that no one's talking about eminent domain, here.

Saying NO to Amigo Stores

We're not suffering from a lack of Starbuck's either.

That city council there is lame. If they really wanted a coffee, they could probably find someone who wanted to build one, and invest in a coffee bar. I'm sure it would do fine. There are two independent ones in Boyle Heights, where the immigrants and their kids are poor.

What our local cities don't realize is that our areas, specifically the west SGV, are a cauldron of creative energy.

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