Stuff I heard at the Phony State of the City Address

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I was shocked to learn that the city had been "hijacked."  I guess that's what they call losing an election.

I know politics and policy is rarely about facts, but I still get all whacked out when I hear what comes out of some people's mouths.  Last night, I heard people complain about having no place to shop, no grocery store, too much traffic, and a city that didn't do enough to reach out and keep the voters informed.

Now, all of these complaints are valid, so that's not the whacked out part.  The whacked out part is blaming the guys who have had a majority on the city council for all of about one year for all of these problems that were years in the making.  Where have these people who say they're Rosemead residents been living for the last thirty years?  Who's been in office during their entire adult lives?  And so why aren't they pointing their fingers at THOSE guys?

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Stuff I heard at the Phony

I would like to see a Rosemead Partners protest rally.  Their chant would be interesting:

"What do we want?"

.     "We can't agree!"

"When do we want it?"

.     "Yesterday!"

Deja Vu!

What's up with the "no place to shop" complaint? There's a Wal Mart. Isn't that what they wanted?

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