Garvey School Board Election

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The November 5th Election gives an opportunity for much needed change.

Parents and community members of the Garvey School District were outraged in September 2012 when the School Board Majority gave Superintendent Dr. Sandra Johnson a 23% pay increase and contract extension. Garvey School District teachers remain without a contract since July 2011. A few months before the salary increase, over 30 teachers had been laid off.

The November 5th election will give the Garvey Community the opportunity to change the myopic board majority. Two of three board members who voted for the increase and extension, Tony Ramos and John Yuen are running to retain their seats. Maureen Chin and Ronald Trabanino give the community a chance for positive change and cooperation with all stakeholders.

Maureen Chin, Ronald Trabanino and incumbent Bob Bruesch have all been endorsed by the teachers and the classified employees of the Garvey School District. Change in the Garvey School District is long overdue.

Electing Maureen Chin, Ronald Trabanino and Bob Bruesch to the Garvey School Board will bring some sensibility back to our District.

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