Big Boy, Alive and Well, just not so much around here

I thought that the Big Boy restaurants were kaput. There's one in Burbank, and I think one Jr. still up in Eagle Rock, and one way out in the IE or near the 15, I don't recall. But the ones on Valley, Wilshire, Pomona Bl. and all the other local locations have gone the way of most of the Pioneer Chickens.

Well, guess what - if you search for it, you'll find out the company still exists, and does it's biz in the midwest. There's over 100 restaurants there.

There are almost nearly 300 in Japan, too.

Local website, Roadside Peek, has some photographic evidence of Big Boy in Japan.

Maybe the kids there can steal the Big Boy for homecoming.

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Diamond Bar

There was one in West Covina just a few years ago. Guess they closed. But I see one in Diamond Bar. I've also eaten at the Big Boy's in Baker and Calimesa.

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