Rosemead Airport

Did you know there's a Rosemead Airport? Or there WAS one back in the 1940s.

This article has the details. It was located south of Ramona, which runs along the current San Berdoo freeway, and north of the Rio Hondo. Eventually that part of Ramona became Flair, which runs along the north side of the office park east of Rosemead Blvd. The airport was east of Rio Hondo Ave, which would put it right where the old Edwards Steak House was.

Read Banner Bob Cannon about the airport.

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Yes. Not sure if it was

Yes. Not sure if it was actually in current Rosemead city limits, though.

el monte

The area is now El Monte. It looks like it was in Rosemead in some incarnation.

Fletcher Field

Fletcher Field, as the airport in the Flair Industrial Park was once known, was part of the original effort to formally incorporsate Rosemead into a city in the mid-fifties.

That attempt failed with Rosemead and South El Monte later incorporating separately. Somewhere along the way Fletcher Field was split and subdivided, apparently becoming part of El Monte.

But yes, it was once also called the "Rosemead Airport" during World War II.

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