Savannah Cemetery "Spirit Fest"

There's an arts and crafts show scheduled for this Saturday (Sep 29, 11am - 3pm) in the Moose Lodge parking lot (near the corner of Valley and Mission Blvds in Rosemead. That's adjacent to the historic Savannah Cemetery.

The cemetery was recently granted state historic landmark status, so the volunteers at Savannah are trying to raise they money to pay for the actual plaque that would note this status for future generations.

I'm told live music and about 20 booths for arts and crafts folk will be there.

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Fall Spirit Fest

It was a beautiful day at the Spirit Fest. The crowd could have been bigger but all around, it was a fun day. I booth (Dark Slide Paranormal, Local Ghost Hunting Group) had lots of visitors. I even took a group of kids to the cemetery to see how ghost hunting equipment works.
A percentage of all sales went to SMP. I can't wait for another festival that will benefit the Pioneer Cemetery.

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