Garvey School District

The parent who was quoted in the article about Garvey School District in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune wants to set the record straight and asked to help post her email to the reporter and the full text of her comments she read at the Garvey School Board meeting.

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Garvey School District

Garvey Educator View
Submitted by Bob Bruesch on Thu, 04/28/2012 - 14:30.
Since my name was mentioned on Facebook and the blogspot connected to comments on the Garvey situation, I need to correct some erroneous statements made all over the internet. First, my views on these issues are NOT based on "who is right" (the teacher or management). They are based solely on sound educational philosophy. I feel that spending time on money on promoting educational methodologies that are NOT new and in which teachers have received CONTINUAL training over the past seven years. I began training teachers in the writing aspects of “Balanced Literacy” working with UCLA in the early ‘90’s. It simply is NOT “new” or “revolutionary”. Further, was it necessary to spend $50,000 on bringing "trainers" in from Arizona and housing them when the County Education Office has many experts available who can provide the training for little or no cost? I presented a list of curriculum specialists trained in “B.L.” at a board meeting – at a cost savings of at least $20,000 – it was ignored. Second, why are certain teachers being ridiculed for not getting the training when they were not given the chance to get it? The September training allotted about 60 slots to our teachers. Over 100 signed up. Those not afforded the chance to participate were promised a "second round" - something that hasn't occurred yet. But the complaint is that our teachers are "..too lazy" to get the training! Is this fair?? Third, there ARE forms of management other than "top down" - just look at Steve Jobs! Some form of "Collegial Management" is being practiced in hundreds of corporations throughout the world. Many blogs of education leaders continually discuss how collaborative management of school produces much more positive results in the success of students! Why should we go back to the decades old dictatorial management system where everyone is saying, We gotta do this to keep the Superintendent happy”. I want to look forward to a district where we say, “These are the needs of our children – together we’ll find a way to meet them!” Finally, former Superintendent Peterson is accused of "kicking the can down the road" the necessary changes. Is instituting "Response to Intervention, "Professional Learning Communities", "Thinking Maps", and "Leader in Me" - all cutting edge educational reforms - "kicking the can"? Is raising the District's API over 100 hundred points in seven years - having all but three schools pass the required 800 level - "kicking the can? Is facing a 20% drop in school attendance - thus losing millions of dollars of state support of our schools- without massive cuts in employment "Kicking the can"? I remind the readers, Ms Peterson was selected California "Superintendent of the Year" two years ago because she DID institute these changes! Unless I’m wrong, “changes” means moving forward. The current management of the district is regressing – back to the “goo old comfortable days” that have proven so unsuccessful. I challenge "garveyparent" to name them self, as I have, so this discussion can continue with complete candor.

Bob Bruesch - Garvey School District Board of Education.

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