CAL Poultry sues Rosemead

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On the one hand, I'm amused. I also think it's a shame that 1) the city has forced a responsible business to hire a lawyer to stay in business, and, 2) Rosemead's stupid, politics-first city council members are forcing an already-broke city to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a lawsuit that the city council's actions brought upon itself.

CAL Poultry is claiming religious and cultural discrimination. Since it's obvious all the noise about the poultry house is racially based, I think they do have a point. I wish them luck. I also hope Rosemead voters will remember this as another example (along with the stupid trash contract they voted for) of the city council wasting money for their own political benefit.

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The El Monte City Council voted to give up their #350.00 each per month car allowance.
The Rosemead City Council gets:
$500.00 each, per month, deferred compensation
#300.00 " " cell phone allowance
$150.00 " " cell phone bill
$180.00 " " medical insurance or the cash if they have other coverage
.55cents per mile for their car use. Retirement payments, pay or sitting on various boards and commissions, and who knows what else.
In these difficult economic times, do you think they will give up any of these benifit?
If you do, I have a bridge to sell you

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