What affordable housing?

The story headline in the Tribune says that cutting the redevelopment agencies has "dealt a blow" to affordable housing in El Monte. Yet, when you read the actual story, you discover there has been virtually no low income housing developed for families in the entire history of the program in El Monte. Same's true in Rosemead: Essentially no low-income or moderate income housing for families EVER. Just goes to show what a boondoggle this program has been.

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The other absurdity

The other absurdity is that redevelopment money can be used to fix up old, low-cost housing, and keep the old properties in good condition, and keep them cheap. Both cities have plenty of low-cost market rate housing that's comparable to what's in poorer communities. It's not being fixed up.

Even in Los Angeles, the CRA/LA, which has thousands of affordable units, used only 25% of its budget for this housing.

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