A COG in the wheel of the SGV

Oftentimes, the SGV Tribune does a little digging and reports some numbers. Usually, I get frustrated because I don't feel like they're digging deep enough to get the real answer. For example, I just read this article about the dues the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments charges its member cities. Yes, that's an interesting point. But the dues are only interesting if we can figure out what member cities are getting for their dues? Or, more importantly, how is the COG spending these dues?

What I'd be curious about: Why does the SGV COG have to pay rent? Does this mean it keeps a full-time staff that similar intergovernmental organizations do not? And what else does it spend money on? For example, how much do representatives from the cities who sit on the COG board get? Is this in line with other organizations? Is this just a way for municipal elected officials to inflate their pay and get around state limitations on compensation?

I don't know the answers, but, if I were a reporter, I'd feel the story isn't complete until I did have those answers.

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Follow the Money

Don't people remember the lesson of Watergate? Follow the money! Figure out who's getting rich off of this COG!

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