San Bernardino Fwy Ramp Closures

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Wondering why these signs are popping up all over the valley? They're being placed in advance of a major Caltrans construction project along the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10), between the 710 and 605 freeways. Extended ramp closures in both directions will be occuring for the next six months or so.

Eastbound ramp closures:
Second week in April: Fremont Ave
Third week in April: Del Mar Ave
First week in May: Baldwin Ave
Second week in May: Atlantic Blvd
Third week in May: San Gabriel Blvd
Second week in June: Garfield Avenue
Third week in June: Walnut Grove Ave
Second week in July: New Ave
Third week in July: Rosemead Blvd

Westbound ramp closures:
First week in July: Temple City Blvd
Fourth week in July: Walnut Grove Ave
First week in August: Garfield Ave
Third week in August: Rosemead Blvd
Fourth week in August: New Ave
Third week in September: San Gabriel Blvd
Fourth week in September: Atlantic Blvd
Third week in October: Del Mar Ave
Fourth week in October: Fremont

Dates are approximate and subject to change. Expect increased surface street and freeway congestion throughout the construction period.

Project information here.

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Ramp closures are running late

It would appear: SGV Tribune story here.

On the other hand, CalTrans is sticking with their original schedule (from the link in the original post).

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