New Alhambra Blog (sort of)

Alhambra Source is a new website about Alhmabra. It's a project of the Annenberg School at USC, and has youth doing some local journalism.

Annenberg was the guy who started TV Guide, which eventually sold itself to Gemstar/TVPlus, which I think got merged or folded into Tivo. It's kind of ironic that a lot of Annenberg projects are about journalism, when TV kind of killed the papers (before the Internet really did them in).

[link has been edited/fixed.]

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Looks promising. Hopefully,

Looks promising. Hopefully, they'll be coming to the other cities in the San Gabriel Valley, as well.

I think this one disappeared

The link doesn't take you anywhere good.

Too bad, because I was hoping they have something about all the construction on the western part of Valley Blvd.

Sino Soul

Great blog. One of the best food blogs in LA in my uninformed opinion - right there with Teenage Glutster.

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