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Let's just throw away the First Amendment

The "United Parents of Garvey School District" feels Mr. Saulino should not be allowed to speak at Board meetings. What a ludicrous proposition.

1. This is America. The public is allowed to address publicly elected officials during their public meetings.
2. Mr. Saulino has been involved in Garvey School District activities since before most "Garvey Parents" were born.
3. The District acknowledges Mr. Saulino's importance as a community member. The District appointed him to one of the bond measure oversight committees as a member of the community. He sits on the committee now. If the Garvey School District officially recognizes Mr. Saulino as an informed community member, who are the "United Parents of Garvey School District" to argue the point?

From what authority do "United Parents of Garvey School District" derive the right to silence others?

To read more and see what is trying to be covered up visit:


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