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Don't any people of color go to Auburn football games?

For goodness sake, that crowd looks whiter than a Klan rally!

The picture's from sportsillustrated.cnn.com

I'd say she made the right call

It's a story that's funny because the woman was apparently uninjured by her would-be groom, who tried to run her over when when she rejected his proposal. Yeah, I'd say she made the right decision.

Fresh and Easy Poke

I was in the Rosemead Fresh and Easy today. I bought some pull-dated Poke. "Poke" is a Hawaiian dish, and the word rhymes with Hokie. I'm not sure what a "Hokie" is, but it's what Virginia Tech calls their teams. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by F&E's poke.

If the election makes you want to kill yourself, you're in luck


Yes, the McRib sandwich returns on election day to a McDonald's near you. For a limited time only!

Photo linked from http://sfist.com/attachments/Chris%20Jones/mcrib.jpg

Election Day, at last!

That means the end of political commercial overload. It seemed like every proposition wanted you to think a vote for their side was a vote against "greedy politicians" and "special interest groups."

"It's why I came to California"

Somewhere in the Whitman campaign, someone's getting bawled out over her feel-good commercial that unintentionally makes the point that Jerry Brown's California wasn't so bad, after all. That's probably why her commercial that the LA Times made such a big deal about is playing so infrequently.

Taking off the negative ads?

This has been in the news a day or two, now: Matt Lauer's call for both Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown to stop airing their negative ads.

Not surprisingly, Brown offered to stop airing his if she'd stop airing hers. Not surprisingly, Whitman refused.

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