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Dark Skies

As an amateur astronomer, I'm happy to see folks are finding waking up to the fact that too much urban lighting is bad thing.

Buying Good Coverage

Two full-page ads in the middle of the main section of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune today. One was for joebarter.com which is promoting (yet again) the idea of a football stadium in Industry. One of the main sponsors of this "summit" on the football stadium include the Upper San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority.

New York Times article on causes of the Civil War

There's a very interesting article currently on the New York Times' website regarding the causes of the Civil War. Complete with hyperlinks to the secession documents from several of the states that left the Union, it makes a very compelling case that, surprise, slavery really was at the heart of the matter.


Panda poo, converted into art. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. Ewwww.

NFL and the Local Papers

Both the Los Angeles Times and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune have articles today on the recent rumors involving the Minnesota Vikings and San Diego Chargers.

Asian and Latino Environmentalist

I mentioned this article a few days ago.

Election Reforms

A whole slew of election-related "reforms" are going to be kicking in over the next two years. I'm pretty skeptical about whether the changes they will bring will be positive.

Chinese food and drink

ABC story on Chinese imports from Washington state. Almond Rocha is a delicacy. So is Washington state wine--if you add Coca-Cola to it!

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