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Happy Fred Korematsu Day

Possibly the first day any state has ever used to recognize an Asian American is today, January 30. The L.A. Times has a big story about it in tomorrow's paper.

Forest Service Career Fair is . . . ?

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that the U.S. Forest Service is holding a career fair on Monday.

There is something wrong with their editing

Yeah, it's a cheap shot to pick on a newspaper for poor editing. Still, sometimes it just sticks out at you like a sore thumb. In this article, the problem is in the sixth paragraph, third line. Because it's at the start of a line, it's a sore thumb.

"F" in Smoking

The American Lung Association isn't happy with the smoking policies of any area cities. I don't say whether their goal is good or bad--I'm just reporting the story.

Virgil Earp

Wyatt Earp's older brothers, Virgil, moved out to Colton shortly after the famous shoot-out at the O.K. Corral. For a while, he was even town marshal.

Blood Libel

Sarah Palin condemns those who would link her rhetoric to acts of violence such as in Arizona as "blood libel."

Axing Redevelopment Agencies

Part of Governor Brown's new budget includes proposals to eliminate redevelopment agencies. Many local elected officials are up in arms about this. Personally, I'm a little ambivalent.

Second Amendment Remedies

When I heard about Congresswoman Giffords' shooting in Arizona this morning, I couldn't help but think of Nevada's Sharon Angle mouthing off about "Second Amendment remedies" during her campaign

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